We have recently found a cheap and convenient way to send all kinds of goods to Sri Lanka by sea container.

The goods are picked up by a carrier, then customs cleared and delivered directly to the project in Sri Lanka. Normally the goods are on their way for 6 weeks, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic it takes a little longer for them to get there at the moment. In our last delivery we packed clothes, towels, bed linen and many other things that can be used in the project.

Some of you may be asking now, why we chose to send clothes to Sri Lanka, when the country has its own clothing industry. The answer is that the clothes that are made for Sri Lanka's own market are often of very poor quality and wear of rather quickly. The quality of products found in Germany is much higher and has a longer lifespan than products produced in Sri Lanka. In addition, Germany produces enormous quantities of usable second-hand clothes, which can be repurposed very well and are welcomed with open arms in Sri Lanka.

It is necessary to mention that we only accept higher quality, washed and not worn out boys summer clothes and shoes. Bed linen and towels are also always welcome. Everything is sorted, checked and packed cleanly in big cardboard boxes.

At the moment, the person responsible for the delivery assembles an overseas container to Sri Lanka 3 - 4 times a year. Currently, one big cardboard box amounts to 30,00. The costs for the delivery in Sri Lanka are then 20.00 € and the delivery is free of charge if more then 1ß boxes are being sent. For our project this option is definitely worthwhile.

So if you remember the stack of old clothes or bed linen that are too good to throw away and you have therefore kept somewhere in the back corner of your closet, think of us. We are happy to receive boys' summer clothes, bedding, towels or even working tools. Get in touch with us: Contact us either by phone or better yet by mail. If you don't have any old clothes, but still want to support this course, you could also cover the transportation cost of on cardboard box. You will of course receive a donation receipt for this.

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Projekt Waisenhaus Sri Lanka e.V.

Werner Müller (1. Vorsitzender)

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+ 49 (0)9326 90135

+ 49 (0)9326 90136

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There are different ways you can donate. In addition to a one-time donation, you can also support us through a sponsorship, a happiness donation or a project donation.

Your help will reach us and is used 100% for the children's home in Sri Lanka.
Projekt Waisenhaus Sri Lanka e.V.
Bank: Fürstlich Castell´sche Bank
IBAN: DE02 7903 0001 0015 0016 00
Projekt Waisenhaus Sri Lanka e.V.
Bank: Fürstlich Castell´sche Bank
IBAN: DE02 7903 0001 0015 0016 00