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Sri Lanka is a country with beautiful landscapes, beaches and a very interesting culture and history. During my first trip to the country, I realized very quickly that two weeks were not nearly enough to see all the island had to offer. Since 1990 Sri Lanka has been my destination of choice for more than 20 times. Many things have changed – two story buildings have replaced the mud huts that I had encountered in 1990.

Prosperity has found its way into the tourist hot spots in Sri Lanka. But many people still suffer, because it doesn’t reach them. In 2002 I had already decided to found an institution to help children without means. After the tsunami that took place around Christmas in 2004 and left the world in shock, we suddenly found ourselves right in the middle. I straight away decided to organise help for the people in Sri Lanka. I called relatives, friends and clients, because we had connections to people on the island that could buy and distribute whatever was necessary right where it was needed. We also reached out to the press and made it onto the cover of the newspaper the following day. After that the telephone wouldn’t stop ringing and we quickly accumulated 10.0000,00 € in aids. This was the moment – there wouldn’t be a better time to act.

The article in the newspaper included the information that I had been thinking about founding a children’s home, I received a call of. People started reaching out, offering to help.  The day after, we met with the Ellman’s couple who would later become two of the most important people two. After that everything developed in the blink of an eye, faster than we could have imagined. This however, was prove that with many supporting hands the load feels lighter and you can achieve so much more.

Werner Müller


This has already been achieved
January 2005 - Foundation of the Association
April 2005 - Acquisition of the property
After searching for an adequate location, we have finally found the property on which Dedunu will be built.
April 2005 - Foundation ceremony
In Sri Lanka such occasions take place at a specific date which has been acquired in a traditional Buddhist system
August 2005 - Installation of the water supply system
January 2006 - Completion of the residential building and the sanitary facilities
Inauguration and opening ceremony
May 2006 - Move-in of the first children
July 2007 - Completion of the temple and the office building
In order for the children to have the opportunity to practice their faith and grow up with Sinhala traditions, a temple was built on the property
2007 - Recognitian as a NGO
Recognition as a NGO by the Sinhala authorities.
2007 - Playground and Water Tower
The playground is finally open for use and a new water tower complements the existing water supply system.
2008 - Opening of the new utility building
In addition to a bigger kitchen this new building offers extra storage space.
2008 - Construction of new sanitary facilities
The new facility offers more toilets, showers and additional sinks.
2011 - Completion of the education building
With the construction of this building the children now have an even nicer place to eat their meals and an adequate classroom for their private lessons.

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Projekt Waisenhaus Sri Lanka e.V.
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Projekt Waisenhaus Sri Lanka e.V.
Bank: Fürstlich Castell´sche Bank
IBAN: DE02 7903 0001 0015 0016 00